Good technology into the quality of China's valve enterprises to win the way

Good technology into the quality of China's valve enterprises to win the way


Experts require the valve industry should vigorously adopt international standards and advanced foreign standards, and strictly implement the existing national standards, the existing product reform.

From the China General Machinery Industry Association Valve Branch learned that China's annual valve market turnover of up to 50 billion yuan, but there are more than 100 billion yuan of the market by foreign valve business occupation. They believe that to change this situation, improve the quality of the valve is the key.

Valves  in the mechanical products occupy a considerable proportion. According to foreign industrial developed countries statistics, the output value of the valve is the sum of the compressor, fan and pump, accounting for about 5% of the entire machinery industry output value. At the same time, as an important part of major technical equipment, especially in the power, petrochemical, metallurgical, urban water supply and drainage system, the valve is playing a key role, and the amount is very large.

At present, China's valve business of about 6,000, of which more than 500 million annual output value of 900. Domestic listed valve company 3, that is, nuclear technology, Hong City shares, Guangdong Pearl. Last year, China Nuclear Technology main business income of 235 million yuan, Hongcheng shares of the main business income of 146 million yuan, Guangdong Pearl main business income of 150 million yuan. These enterprises, whether it is its size, or product quality, are currently unable to compete with similar foreign companies.

Analysis of the industry, resulting in the current lack of China's valve market, there are two main reasons: First, domestic products and imported products than the gap, the quality to be improved; Second, some users of local awareness is not strong, and even artificially set the threshold , So that domestic enterprises in the bid with foreign companies is difficult to win.

Experts believe that China's current production of various types of valves are common leakage, internal leakage, the appearance of quality is not high, short life, the operation is not flexible and the valve electrical and pneumatic devices are not reliable and other shortcomings, some products only equivalent to the last The international level of the early eighties of the century. Therefore, the development of valve industry, the urgent need to develop new products with high technological content.   
Experts require the valve industry should vigorously adopt international standards and advanced foreign standards, and strictly implement the existing national standards, the existing product reform, so that the updated products to the last century, the international level of the nineties. At the same time, the valve industry should deal with the casting and forging raw materials selection, casting process, forging process, heat treatment and other aspects to take effective measures to make casting and forging rough in the internal quality and appearance quality to international standards.
On the other hand, should continue to carry out internal and external leakage research, strict mechanical processing technology, and vigorously promote new sealing materials, improve the key parts of the product processing accuracy and extend product life, so that the valve "a short two leakage" phenomenon is fundamentally improved.

Founded in 1996 in Hunan Zhuzhou South Valve Co., Ltd., Hunan Province Science and Technology Department finds a non-public high-tech enterprises. The company mainly produces multi-function pump control valve, hydraulic control valve, soft seal gate valve, hard seal butterfly valve and other 15 series of a variety of specifications of the valve products, widely used in municipal water supply, sewage treatment, petrochemical, steel metallurgy and other industries for water supply and drainage Or fluid control system, the annual production capacity of 150 million.

When the company was founded, the starting capital of only 500,000 yuan, the annual output value of less than 800,000 yuan in 2004 the company has developed to the output value of 103.33 million yuan, tax 788 million. The secret of this company's success is because of its core manufacturing and core technology development capabilities, professional and high technical content. The company developed and developed a multi-functional water pump control valve with independent intellectual property rights to fill the domestic blank, the level of technology at the leading domestic level, with 12 patents, has 7 times provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards. The company also edited the diaphragm-type quick-opening mud valve and other three industry standards, the product into the nine national and industry standards, the valve industry in the production of hydraulic control valve series of the largest diameter, the highest nominal pressure of the enterprise.

Throughout the domestic valve market, the valve industry has a wide range of development space, according to experts predict that the future of the valve market in the power industry, petrochemical, fertilizer, environmental protection and urban construction and other industries. They assert that who has good technology, who has excellent quality, who can continue to develop new products, who will be able to compete in the market competition to seize the initiative, come to the fore.